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Initiatives & Activities

A350 on ground

SAS' sustainability program includes the following emission-related areas, which are all described in more detail below: 

Increase fuel efficiency

  • Fleet renewal.
  • Right sizing
  • Fuel efficiency programs
  • More efficient air space
  • Collaboration with aircraft and engine manufacturers etc.

Biofuel & Emerging technologies

  • Supporting Electric and hybrid aircraft projects etc.
  • Biofuel; Letter of intent signed with Preem



Sustainable Products & Services

  • Reduced use of plastic
  • Reduced use of Hazardous materials
  • Eco friendly dry clean
  • Aircraft dry wash (97% less water)
  • Aluminum can recycling
  • Preorder meals
  • Youth travel and Eurobonus offsetting etc.

Wonder how SAS work with CO2 offsetting, and how offsetting works?

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SAS Cargo activities

  • Increase Truck fuel efficiency
  • Newer vehicles, Right sizing, Utilization, Ontime performance, Eco-driving, Tire programs etc
  • Lightweight equipment
  • ULD Containers 20% lighter, ULD Support “planks” 80% lighter 
  • JiT performance 
  • At gate in time in order for aircraft not to idle wait, 

Read all about the activities in the SAS Sustainability Report page 116-119 

In agreements with Ground Handling Agents

  • Recycling and reusing (where possible) materials
  • Recycle plastic from ULDs and pallets, replace wood support materials, euro-pallet programs, 
  • Energy-saving-programs
  • Replacing old lighting technology with new, Follow up programs for heating 
  • Replace fossil fuel vehicles