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Based on our policies and goals, SAS Cargo works strategically to provide environmental and sustainability focus in all our activities.

This includes

  • Reducing energy consumption in SAS Cargo buildings
  • Reducing CO2 emissions in ground trucking in cooperation with supplier
  • Optimizing aircraft fuel and cargo load control
  • Setting environmental and social contractual supplier requirements
  • Waste recycling


SAS and SAS Cargo aim to create responsible and sustainable traffic growth, while reducing environmental impact.

Principle strategic targets:

  • 20% lower emissions by 2020 (based on 2010 results) 
  • 2% reduced energy consumption per SQM 2016
  • 1,5% reduced gCO2 per TKM for trucking - max 150g 2016
  • 75% of our customers consider SAS Cargo to be an environmentally aware company in 2016


In June 2006, SAS Cargo received the ISO14001 certification. SAS is one of the few airlines in the world that has certified its entire organization.

Measures to be undertaken to attain the 2016 goals:  SAS’ Sustainability Report 2014/2015 from page 6

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