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Swift and easy One-stop Shopping

Always open for business – 24/7 and get an instant response. With our new booking portal you will be able to get prices for a full 7-day period which you can expand to 30 days if needed.  You can book against any of our available products, including special cargo and allotment bookings.

Just enter the basic information about your shipment and we will display routings and flights that match your needs– taking into consideration any restrictions that might apply such as loadability and special contents.

What are the benefits

  • Instant overview of products, availability, rates and surcharges
  • Alternative route suggestions
  • Contracts & Allotment overview
  • Instant booking confirmation 
  • Instant AWB/FWB issuance
  • Booking Status online or via email
  • Time saving booking template
  • Full Booking History


Register to get all the benefits listed above and save more than 90% of normal booking time. After you have registered you will get access to our online video guide and/or you can download our quick reference guide. Both tools will guide you through the Booking.


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