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Emission Calculator

SAS Cargo Emission Calculator is a tool to help you estimate your share of aircraft emissions when you send freight with us.

This version of SAS Cargo Emission Calculator covers SAS Intercontinental, European and Scandinavian routes. You can calculate emissions based on means transportion and origin/destination. Emission levels will be presented in kg.


Here are some basics about The SAS Cargo Emission Calculator:

 Accuracy in calculations range from +/- 10% due to variables like, load onboard, flight profile, temperature, winds, fuel and aircraft and engines.


Covers entire SAS network

Calculations can be based on means of transportation and origin & destination, and is measured in kilograms.

Via The CarbonNeautral Company from London you have the option of buying your CO2 offset corresponding to the emissions your shipment has generated. The amount you pay is invested in projects for renewable energy in other countries.

SAS Cargo has no knowledge in regards to who chooses to pay or not pay CO2 compensation.

Result of the initiative has been verified by an KPMG which is an independent third party auditor.

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